Build Your Career With OSS


Join Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD for a rewarding career in international call center services and IT-enabled client handling. Experience a workplace that values your commitment and growth:

  1. Enjoy fixed bonuses for attendance and food, ensuring your dedication is recognized.
  2. We cover your transportation expenses, easing your daily commute.
  3. Achieve more with extra bonuses tied to your sales performance.
  4. Receive bi-annual occasional bonuses, adding an extra layer of appreciation.
  5. Our comprehensive training program grooms freshers for two months, aligning them with our company values. Work in a vibrant and friendly environment for six months, fostering personal and professional growth.

Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD is committed to providing employment opportunities for the youth, particularly focusing on mass employment in Bangladesh. Join us, not just for a job, but for a dynamic career where your talents are nurtured, and you contribute to a better workplace. Embrace a future with us, dedicated to empowering the next generation workforce. 


Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD, a stalwart in the industry for 14 years, excels in international call center services and IT-enabled client management. Our success is rooted in a dynamic team of amazing employees. We are on the lookout for determined and talented youngsters, eager to embark on a fulfilling career. Our focus extends beyond mere recruitment; we seek individuals poised to contribute their best for the company’s well-being. Committed to fostering youth employment, we are dedicated to providing substantial opportunities for the vibrant talent pool in Bangladesh. Join us in creating a better workplace, where ambition meets opportunity. Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD – your gateway to a rewarding career in a global setting.