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Jahid Hasan
Jahid Hasan@jahidhasan
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I'm Jahid Hasan, a Customer Relation Officer with 5 months at OSS. Grateful for the amazing support, enjoyable moments, and growth opportunities provided by the management, colleagues, and superiors. Encouraged to face challenges and become a better professional. Thank you to everyone from CEO to colleagues for the respect and appreciation.
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Hello everyone My name is ARMAN, and i've been part of this incredible team at Offshore Staffing Solutions as a sales executive. today, i wanted to take a moment to share my experiences and thoughts about working here. from the very beginning, Offshore Staffing Solutions has provided an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and inclusivity. the dedication here is unparalleled. the supportive culture within our team has not only made me feel valued but has also encouraged me to bring my best self to work everyday. i've had the privilege of working with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. the expertise and diversity within our team have allowed us to tackle challenges creatively and efficiently. the company's commitment to continuous learning and development has also helped me to enhance my skills and evolve both personally and professionally. What's remarkable about Offshore Staffing Solutions is not just the work we do but also the caring and supportive environment. whether it's celebrating success together , offering support during challenginning times , or the open door policy of our leadership team. in conclusion being part of Offshore staffing solution has been an enchriching and fulfilling experience. the friendship and lessons i learned , i look forward to contributing further to the success and growth of this incredible workplace, thank you.
Torikul Islam Rifat
Torikul Islam Rifat@torikulislamrifat
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Hello, my name is Torikul Islam Rifat .i work for OFFSHORE STAFFING SOLUTION as a sales exicutive.Today i would like to express my greatfulness who have supported in my oss journey.i have only good things to say about my job experience. In my experience include my job facilities,management system,relationship with my colleague and behavior of our superiors concerning all off us. our daily activities here are both challenging and motivating at the same superiors are always encouraged to generate sales and take challenges.After the joning of my sales knowledge is increaseing sharply.I hope this is a big opportunity in my future carrer.
Md. Jahidul Hasan
Md. Jahidul Hasan@jahidulhasan
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Hello, I'm Md. Jahidul Hasan, currently serving as a Sales Executive at Offshore Staffing Solutions. Working in the OSS has been an enriching experience for me. The dynamic and fast-paced environment has allowed me to grow my communication and sales skills. The supportive team and management and effective training programs have played a crucial role in my professional growth. I appreciate the opportunities to connect with diverse clients, overcome challenges, and achieve sales targets consistently.
Syem Hossain Chowdhury
Syem Hossain Chowdhury@syemhossain
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I'm Syem Hossain Chowdhury, and I am truly grateful for the incredible support and enriching experiences I've had at Offshore Staffing Solutions. As a Sales Executive, the job facility, management system, and fellowship with my colleagues have been exceptional. The nurturing environment and the positive treatment from our superiors have allowed me to thrive. OSS has not only provided opportunities for learning but also fostered an atmosphere of growth, making it an ideal place for anyone aspiring for professional development.
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In my first experience with the corporate culture at OSS, the support and environment from senior colleagues have been exceptional. Their professionalism and expertise make every task seem effortless, and their friendly approach towards newcomers has made the transition into the workforce seamless. The encouragement to bring out the best in us is a constant motivator, and the management, along with the HR department at OSS, proves to be incredibly flexible during emergency situations. Learning from my colleagues at OSS has been invaluable, and despite initial insecurities about my first job, the management team and my colleagues at OSS have played a crucial role in making the journey easy and smooth. Additionally, OSS not only offers a supportive environment but also provides ample room for professional growth. The collaborative atmosphere fosters continuous learning, and the ongoing training programs at OSS contribute to the development of skills and knowledge. The emphasis on innovation and creativity at OSS allows employees to explore new ideas and contribute meaningfully to projects. The performance recognition system at OSS adds a rewarding aspect to our efforts, further motivating us to excel in our roles. Moreover, OSS actively promotes work-life balance, ensuring that employees can maintain a healthy equilibrium between professional and personal commitments. The inclusive culture and diverse teams at OSS create a vibrant workplace, where everyone's perspectives are valued. All these aspects contribute to making OSS not just a workplace but a fulfilling and dynamic professional journey.
Afnan Asgar
Afnan Asgar
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My name is Afnan Asgar and i have been working here at Offshore Staffing Solutions for almost a year. I feel like OSS is my another family i work here with a whole floor full of like minded people. If you are looking for a workplace where people are friendly and super professional at the same time, I could not recommend anything else more other than Offshore Staffing Solutions.