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Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD was founded in 2014, has emerged as a uncompromising business services for businesses that require extensive HR, Sales and Support assistance. With the growing demands, Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD expanded its operations in Bangladesh and now is referred as "OSS". OSS has been a reliable place for employment for more than 10 years. Serving all its clients and partners in the field of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), the company has consistently delivered top-notch solutions. Over the years, the company has cultivated a reputation for reliability and innovation in handling diverse corporation's needs. Employees at Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD have not only thrived professionally but have also experienced a positive and collaborative work environment. Employee experiences at Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD reflect a culture of professionalism, innovation, and support. The company stands out for providing employment opportunities for the youth in Bangladesh, contributing significantly to the local economy in Bangladesh. With a focus on mass employment, Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD aims to empower skilled individuals, offering a gateway to better workplaces. The companies overarching objective is to serve as a reliable workforce solution, ensuring that it remains a pivotal source of employment for the majority of skilled individuals seeking a rewarding career path. Their suite of services encompasses comprehensive client support through technology based work experience, utilizing cutting-edge ITES for seamless interactions. The company’s success is underlined by a dedicated and skilled workforce, contributing to its remarkable journey. Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD has taken over responsibilities that have cultivated a unique path of improvement and success for its clients. OSS is a growing platform which is helping its clients in every business aspect with the help of top notch and highly scrutinized skilled workforce and succeeding in the fields of ITES and Merchant Services competing with its rivals and inching ahead of each milestone. Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD helping a lot business who it works with in developing a cutting edge software for merchant services that will change the model and experience of how its customers operate in their day to day business. The future is unfolding as per the plans outlined and cultivated many years ago with its sole purpose of brining growth to both the company sides as well as becoming a pioneer in its field by providing an unwavering experience to its clientele.

Tanvir Ahmed

Mohammad Atif Hossain

Tanvir Mahatav

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Our vision is centered on enhancing employee experiences and cultivating a skilled youth workforce. Committed to providing meaningful employment for the youth, we focus on contributing to the local economy of Bangladesh as well as growing the US LLC/ Corporation in its purpose or target to reach the milestone set forth for the future. . Our objective is clear: to be the go-to solution for job seekers by offering US work experience and a diverse skilled workforce. We aspire to bridge the gap between talented individuals and rewarding workplaces, ensuring that we are the premier destination for those seeking fulfilling employment opportunities.

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Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD, a stalwart in the industry for 10 years, excels in IT-enabled client management. Our success is rooted in a dynamic team of amazing employees. We are on the lookout for determined and talented youngsters, eager to embark on a fulfilling career. Our focus extends beyond mere recruitment; we seek individuals poised to contribute their best for the company's well-being. Committed to fostering youth employment, we are dedicated to providing substantial opportunities for the vibrant talent pool in Bangladesh. Join us in creating a better workplace, where ambition meets opportunity. Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD – your gateway to a rewarding career in a global setting.

offshore StaffingSolutions Award Ceremony 2022