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Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD

Established in 2014, Offshore Staffing Solutions LTD (OSS) and Offshore Staffing Solutions LLC are a stalwart in the merchant services industry, providing steadfast employment for over a decade. Specializing in Sales and Support in IT Enabled Services (ITES), Renowned for reliability and innovation, the company fosters a positive work environment where employees thrive professionally. Noteworthy for empowering youth employment in Bangladesh and grow the US division with its goals. OSS significantly contributes to the growth of its US affiliate and by doing so this helps the local economy in Bangladesh, embodying a culture of professionalism, innovation, and support.


Our vision is centered on enhancing employee experiences and cultivating a skilled youth workforce. Committed to providing meaningful employment for the youth, we focus on contributing to the local economy of Bangladesh as well as growing the US LLC/ Corporation in its purpose or target to reach the milestone set forth for the future. . Our objective is clear: to be the go-to solution for job seekers by offering US work experience and a diverse skilled workforce. We aspire to bridge the gap between talented individuals and rewarding workplaces, ensuring that we are the premier destination for those seeking fulfilling employment opportunities.